For Professors 

I currently teach an undergraduate lecture course at Princeton, Chinese Politics - POL 362 / WWS 323 / EAS 362. I'm happy to share the syllabus, lectures and exams with others teaching this topic. The materials are available in this password protected Dropbox folder. Please email me at and I can send you the password. If you use the materials, an attribution would be appreciated but is not a big deal either way. 


For Undergraduate Students

Here is some advice on How to Write a Research Paper and a similar memo to senior thesis advisees, How to Write a Senior Thesis. I've also uploaded some sample research proposals from my own work to help you think about getting started. See Sample Proposal - Disaggregating Corruption and Sample Proposal - Who Believes the People's Daily. The latter ultimately became a full paper, which you can find here.  


For Ph.D. Students in Political Science and Public Policy

I've been asked a few times recently for my job application materials. Everyone's job market packet is different, but here are my materials in case they might be helpful.